Pegasus Reading Series: Castillo, Richey, Ratcliff, and

What: Pegasus Reading Series
When: November 18, 7 pm
Where: Kettle Arts Gallery, 2650 Main St. (Deep Ellum)
Hosted by: Sebastian Paramo and Courtney Marie

Pegasus Reading Series is a monthly series presented by WordSpace showcasing writers in the North Texas area and beyond. 

Griselda Castillo is a bilingual poet and creative nonfiction writer living in Austin, TX. Her poems have recently been featured in Sparkle + Blink and Unlikely Strangers, courtesy of Quiet Lightning and Badgerdog Literary Publishing in March and July 2015.  She graduated from The College of Santa Fe with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and published several long lost poems as an undergrad in Glyph Literary Magazine. She was a finalist for the Helman Prize for Short Story Fiction in 2007 for her flash fiction piece, “Stories”. Griselda is currently selling her soul as a copywriter for a creative agency in Denver and working on her first manuscript.

Will Richey is a husband and father. Artist and athlete. Lover of the oral tradition and empowerer of voice. Half seafood gumbo, half arroz con habichuelas. His Heritage runs deep through Louisiana and Puerto Rico. He is the co-founder of DaVerse Lounge, performance curator for the Dallas Festival of Ideas and a graduate of the University of Dallas.

Darryl Ratcliff  is a social practice artist whose work focuses on cultural equity. A DaVerse Lounge All Star, Ratcliff has performed original works in Panama, Mexico, and across the United States.


Lauren Belmore and Faith Malimba. 


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